Going Buggy in Intercourse, PA

Amish country in Pennsylvania was a lot more commercialized than we imagined. It seems that the Amish have given up the idea of just ignoring the tourists who want to gawk at them, and have decided to take some carefully controlled commercial advantage of the interest.

The first buggy (or, as we eruditely called them, "clop-clops") we saw!

No comment.

Some of the teenagers rig up their horses to run on gasoline.

Buggy ride!

There are a number of Amish in the buggy ride business. We rode Aaron and Jessica's. (Those Amish websites — they're crazy about Flash.) You get about half an hour tour through Amish countryside, and even up to a house, where they have some crafts you can buy.

Our driver was a portly Amish man who sounded a bit like W.C. Fields.

Amish schoolhouse.

Work horses beside the road.

We were followed for some way by another buggy of tourists.

High-speed buggy chase!

Us with the horses back at the station.

Horses without us.