Valentia Island
Valentia Island was as close as Shelly and Roy got to the Skelligs. They visited the Skellig Experience Center and the Valentia Slate Quarry on the Skellig Ring. But there were no puffins.
The two faint islands in the first picture are Little Skellig and Skellig Michael.

Valentia slate was at one time some of the most-sought-after slate in Europe. It was used to roof the Paris Opera House and in many buildings in London. At the quarry, there's an open mine and a tunnel mine. Above the tunnel, there is a Virgin Mary shrine in honor of miners killed in accidents. The stream of water is pumped up via a hose you can faintly see in the high-res picture.

Valentia's roads were also lined with fuchsias.

The little wagon we drove all around Ireland in. Manual transmission (left-handed shift). Fully insured. Note the relationship of width of car to width of road!