This site is structured like a children's book. Each page covers a short topic and has a simple sentence or two in big, friendly print. When we want to do a little more expanded storytelling, it's in smaller print like this. The big print may be more whimsical than factual. For factual information about the various places, links are often provided.

There are pictures on each page. Those outlined in gold can be clicked to see a bigger version; those outlined in black cannot.

Each page has a "turned up corner" graphic at the bottom of the page on the right. Click it to go to the next page. Sometimes the browser doesn't get it placed all the way at the bottom or all the way to the right. Sorry about that. It's usually not too hard to find.

Some panoramic shots are included. They were stitched together with software from multiple individual images, which can introduce some weird warping. Be a little forgiving. They are called "foldouts" because if this were a book, they'd have to be a foldout. They are sized to be as tall as your browser window allows; scroll down so that all you see is image, then use the scroll bar at the bottom to pan back and forth across the image. The page-turning corner will be at the lower-right of the page when you have panned back to the left.