The other guys
Mike Lovell is a hoot and a half. Best known in the play for stylish brown plaid suit and a very extended drunken "My lllllit'llle lllllady...", he is known backstage for his irrepressible dancing, particularly during "Cousin In Milwaukee."

Andrew Ruthven is the one I spent most of my stage time "cheating" off of. He's a seasoned actor, and knows how to stay "on" when he's onstage but not in the spotlight. So there would be times that I was just watching the action, and I'd notice Andrew was reacting, and I'd think, "Hey, that's a good idea! I should probably be acting while I'm up here!"

"Andrew, do you mind if I take your picture?" "Okay, but I take horrible pictures." Click. Yeesh, he was right. I recommend you meet him in person.

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