Backstage with cast & crew

A friend of Shelly's made this star for me. I put it on the men's dressing room door (since there were no individual dressing rooms). The tape says "& other men", because I'm gracious about sharing billing.

During downtime, there was always a poker game in the green room. Clockwise: Heather Humphries, John Clingman, Joe White, Jim Allman.

The barbershop quartet rehearsed in the dressing rooms every night, to keep in top form.

Our outstanding stage manager, Regan Jones

Installing microphones was perhaps more fun than it should have been.

Michel Brown Stevens and Chrissie Cutler show off their finery.

The pick-a-little ladies, clockwise from back left: Sarah Wong St. John, Angela Smoke, Michel Brown Stevens, Christine Cutler, and Maureen Johnson

The teenage girls and dance captain, from left: Gina-Marie Vincent, Lauren Stallings, Laura Serena, Lauren Gaetano, Robin Van Zandt, Shelbbye Uyematsu, Marlen Nahhas, Emily Cunningham.

Clockwise from left: Emily Cunningham, Jackie Schicker, Lauren Stallings, Sharon Roarke, Sean Hardin, Katie Saltiel

This was Katie Saltiel's first show, but you can bet it won't be her last.

"Adolescent Jaws": a warm-up in the Black Box

The adorable Lacy Tushnet, with her mom.

David Escoto (right) and Jeremy Tushnet fly Lacy Tushnet around the green room.
Act One

Getting into place just before curtain. Behind me is Michael Perez, who played Marcellus for the last two weeks of the show.

Brandon Hobratschk and Shawn Edwards deliver an Iowa chip-on-the-shoulder welcome.

Well, Ya Got Trouble, my friends, right here, I say Trouble right here in River City...

Katie Saltiel, Jeremy Tushnet, and David Heaton act out a game of marbles on the street.

Harold talks to Tommy (Connor Heaton) about the band.

Just the sort of suave, confident look you expect from Harold Hill in "76 Trombones".

Joe White (Mayor Shinn) tells the school board (Jeffrey Van Wageningen, Michael McCown, Justin White, Kristi Blair) and the Constable (Brand Hobratschk), "I want that man's credentials!"

Singing Marian the Librarian while wearing a snazzy jacket that was suitable for me when I was Charlie, but not for Harold.

Talking to Marian about Winthrop

Angela Smoke as the extravagantly-garbed Mrs. Shinn

Mrs. Paroo (Kathy Davis) encourages Marian to lower her standards a little.

Mrs. Paroo pantomimes signing my imaginary pad in rehearsal. We had props for the show.

In rehearsal only: the band leader outfit got nixed for the show.

Marian and Harold have a featured dance segment.

This is the step I always forget...

Shipoopi is the big dance number for the show.

Lauren Stallings and Jeff Van Wageningen cut some rug. On left, doing the infamous footwork.

Lauren Gaetano and Justin White.

The big finish
Act Two

The school board/barbershop quartet, from left: Michael McCown, Jeff Van Wageningen, Justin White, Kristi Blair

"Marian, I had to see you..."
"Don't you know, you don't owe me a word, not one word..." Keep padding dialogue until somebody enters!

Even the mayor's daughter, Gracie (Allyson Levine), wound up in the band.

Finale: leading the band

Allyson, Connor, Jennifer, and Alexis Pace take their bows.

Curtain call: Me, Deborah, Sean Hardin
After the show

After one show, Shelly, my parents, and I went to 59 Diner with some of the cast. My parents shared a banana split. Angela Smoke (Mrs. Shinn) was particularly impressed with their dedication to finishing it.

With Shelly

The cast party included karaoke.

Director Nicole Rae Morgan shows off her photo album, presented at the wrap party.

A little overcome

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