Fort Bend Theatre presented
My Fair Lady
at The Stafford Centre
Aug 1-3, 2008

I (Roy) played Freddy, the fatuous young man who falls for Eliza in this production. Joe White played Colonel Pickering, who bets Henry Higgins that he cannot transform Eliza.

A little clip on YouTube.

Because the mayor of Stafford had a walk-on part, publicity photos made it into all the Fort Bend newspapers. And because I was in the publicity photos that had the mayor in them, I'm in all the Fort Bend newspapers:

There are a couple others I don't have.

This was a show that really had to fight to go on. I wasn't going to be in it originally, because I was supposed to be home getting our bathroom remodeled. Luke Wrobel, who played Higgins (with a marvelous manic style, and a voice that was often a dead ringer for Kelsey Grammer), had to be out of town for the week before the last three rehearsals. Katie Harrison, who played Eliza (with subtle comic genius), had an aunt's funeral from which the airlines nearly didn't let her return. The company who rented us the sets extended them for a week to the production before us, causing us to have to expedite their delivery and still have them a day later than planned. Then the delivery truck blew up, and when Tarra was trying to check on its status via phone, her conversation was interrupted on the other end by an earthquake.

So, in spite of all the obstacles, we put on the best show we could. This was my first show to get to sing a song without having to alter my voice for character. I just got to sing pretty.


I took pictures of dress rehearsal and Shelly took pictures of the Saturday show. Because of lighting, the images are not super clean and clear, but they make acceptable small prints.

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