Women of the Ensemble

Left to right: Kay, Kara, Susan, Christina, Doris, and Michelle

Susan Draper (above in the only picture I have of her) was the most musically-trained of our ensemble. She has a Master's of Music (and was a great sight-singer), and was our dance captain as well. In the first scene, I wasn't doing anything special with the entrance and line, so Susan took the initiative to turn it into something interesting. As we walked onstage, she walked me right into Ryan. It turned into something chuckle-worthy.

Christina Hall is a great character actress. Her characters are memorable and funny, and she's very versatile with accents. Sadly (for Houston), she'll be moving to Chicago in the fall to work with an SMU-related acting company.

She wasn't too keen on having her picture taken. Can you tell?

Michelle Juliana (on the right) is a Creole beauty and (to pinch a line from the show), "a moral force in our community." She works with youth at her church, in addition to doing a lot of theater. Like all the women in the ensemble, she has a great voice.

At a holiday party given by the theater's founder, we talked quite a while, which was very pleasant. She was surprised to see people like Joe and me, who do theater as a hobby without having majored in it. I, in turn, was surprised at how many of the cast were theater people.

And she's single, guys.

Kara Lauer was our rookie. This was her first performance of any kind as an adult, and nobody would ever have guessed. She quit her job to pursue theater, which takes a lot of guts. And, as Shelly can attest, a very accommodating spouse.