Shelly and Roy's Tomato Soil Recipes


Coir (coconut fiber "peat moss", available from Pinetree Seeds as EZ Brick)
Sea Plus™ 3-2-2 fish & kelp fertilizer (available pretty inexpensively from Pinetree Seeds but often available locally)
Vermiculite (medium or fine)
Baccto™ potting soil
Perlite (medium, not coarse)
Blood meal
Bone meal
Texas greensand
Rock phosphate
Kelp meal
Agricultural lime
5-gallon plastic bins

Seed-starting mix

Mix 3 Tbsp Sea Plus and one gallon of water in a bin. Add an EZ Brick. Let it sit for a few hours, turning occasionally, until most of the liquid is absorbed. Use a hand cultivator to fluff the material up. Add about 3 quarts of vermiculite (it should be about 1 part vermiculite to 2 parts fluffed coir).

Dry fertilizer

For general use, as well as for incorporating into Potting up mix (below).

1/2 c blood meal
1/2 c kelp meal
1/2 c humate
1/2 c bone meal
1 c rock phosphate
1 c Texas greensand
1/3 c crushed eggshells (optional)

Combine in a container and mix well.

Potting up mix

This is used for everything in pots except seed-starting.

6 quarts peat moss
1 gallon water
3 Tbsp Sea-Plus™
3 quarts perlite
3 quarts vermiculite
1-1.5 c dry fertilizer (above)
1-2 c ag lime
8 quarts Baccto™ potting soil

Put peat moss in a bin or mixing container. Combine water and Sea-Plus, then add to peat moss. Stir and allow to sit for an hour or so until peat is well moistened. Add other ingredients in order, and mix well. Crumble any clods. We crumble as we move it into one of the ubiquitous 5 gallon bins.

Perlite, vermiculite, and peat can all release copious quantities of very fine dust particles. Take appropriate precautions when handling them.