A Word About Tsunamis

Everywhere we went, there were signs, notices, and informational plaques about tsunamis. We learned that they happen in this region every 200-1000 years (I guess that means about every 600 years on average), and that the last one hit in 1700. Interesting how it was right on the century mark, much like the Galveston hurricane of 1900.

It seems like an awful lot of effort to deal with something that hasn't happened in 300 years and only has about a 1-in-600 chance of happening in any given year, but I guess if it does happen, there are quite a lot of people whose lives could hang in the balance. So be informed: the life-saving secret you must know to survive a tsunami is this: get to high ground. Who would have thought?

A sign on the back of our door at Driftwood Shores (we were right on the beach) gave the evacuation route for the hotel.

Learn about tsunamis. They will strike again.

Next to the Oregon History sign was this neat tree growing on a rock. In a tsunami, it would be washed away.
tsunami zone tsunami route leaving tsunami hazard

No tsunamis occurred while we were there. Whew!

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