Shelly and Roy head for the hills
of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland


For her birthday (Jan 1) this year (2006), Roy gave Shelly train rides. Shelly had never ridden a train before, and the scenic railroad shows on PBS made her want to. Of course, January is not the time for such a trip, so it was understood that we'd plan it for later in the year.

This is the story of that trip.

The Chapters

Charlottesville, VA
where our heroes visit renowned quilter Mary Beth Bellah and Monticello

Cass, WV
where they ride a steam train up a mountain

Romney, WV
where they ride another train and watch eagles

Gettysburg, PA
where they see the famous battlefield and the cemetery where Lincoln gave his address

Intercourse, PA
where they ride in an Amish buggy...and another train

Kennett Square, PA
where they stay at a nice B&B and meet a big chicken

Longwood Gardens
where they take loads of pictures of plants at the estate of Pierre S. du Pont

Philadelphia, PA
where they tour buildings involved in our nation's birth, and eat a cheesesteak

where they view the world's premier collection of antique American decorative arts in the mansion of Henry Francis du Pont

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge
which they crossed

Fort McHenry
where they visit the site of the battle that inspired Francis "Scott" Key to compose what became our national anthem